Adrian Penu

Born in 1987, Transylvania (Romania), I showed proclivity towards drawing from a young age, copying Rembrandt sketches from a book my grandmother bought me from an antiquarium. I have studied drawing and painting at Barothi Zoltan’s art school during my primary school years. During this time, I have also collaborated with a local artist in creating a comic book series for the school’s newspaper, for which I have done the drawing and colouring. I’ve relocated to London in 2010 to pursue my passion and developing my knowledge of art history, studying different styles and techniques. Working primarily in oil on canvas, I have also worked on murals with acrylic and on drawings in ink on kraft paper. Most of my work is figurative art, examining the human body in different situations and placing it in surroundings that reverberate the emotional tension. The subconscious mind is a source of inspiration for me and I try to depict that through the body language of my subjects. I aspire to create art that has a timeless quality to it, but which mirrors my understanding of the effects of time and space on the human consciousness in the 21st century. I have been featured in art magazines ('Average art’, ‘A5’,’Art Reveal’) and have works in private collections in US, South America and Europe.


2019, November - Stables in Exile, ‘End of the year group exhibition’, London, UK

2018, November - ‘In Between Space’, Collaborative exhibition, ArtNumber23 Gallery, London, UK

2018, August - Summer Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

2017, August - Summer Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK

2017, February - Exhibition at ‘The Lacy Nook’, London, UK

2017, January - "Alienation" Group exhibition, Room7 gallery, Athens,Greece

"Alienation" Group exhibition, Cultural Centre of Moschato,Greece

2016, November - "Alienation" Group exhibition, MB3 gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016, August - “Alienation” Group exhibition, Ground floor gallery, NYC, US

2016, July - “Alienation” Group exhibition, James Oliver gallery, Philadelphia, US

2016, June - “Summer Salon 2016” Group exhibition, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK

2016, May - “Perceptions of the figurative” Group exhibition, 5th Base gallery, London, UK


2020, September - Interview featured in ‘Creativepool’ magazine

2020, July - ‘DEATHROW’ series of ink drawings featured in ‘Art Hole’ magazine

2020, February - Interview featured in 52nd issue of 'Art Reveal' magazine

2019, March - Album artwork for London based rock band ‘Code of Nature’

2017, September -'Alma' featured in 'Average Arts' magazine

2017, April - "Adoration" featured in 'A5' magazine

2017, January - "Skyscraper" featured in 'Average Arts' magazine